My Brand New Blue Wallet Bottoms Up: Gone are those days when wallets used to be an ass-licking servile follower on your behind.

I M Broke - yes, that's the name of this brand of wallets
I M Broke - yes, that's the name of this brand of wallets
I M Broke - yes, that's the name of this brand of wallets
I M Broke – yes, that’s the name of this brand of wallets

By Nishiraj A. Baruah 

I have always loved to possess great pieces of accessories, which I often gaze at, admiring its workmanship. Cool accessories also add to your style quotient, and over the years I have noticed the distinct advantage – be it at office or be it at a party—cool accessories bring to the persona. A stylish accessory does make a positive impact on today’s brand conscious people, and the stylish life brings you a lot more confidence.

One of my all time favourite accessories is the wallet. I always wanted it to stand out and make a statement, never mind there is seldom enough money to fill it up. But then nobody peeps into your wallet except for the wife (and now disturbingly by my seven year old) , which is why it is easy to make a rich statement by virtue of its appearance itself.

During Delhi University days, I used the ones made of jute, available that time, only in Tibetan monastery market near ISBT in Delhi. These came in various bright colours, patterns, and in prints that ranged from Bob Marley to Jimi Hendrix. What could be cooler than this, as I used to flip it out with a flourish from my backpocket to envious glances from everyone around. When such wallets became commonplace, I moved on to the leather ones and even tried one in aluminum (not practical). My last had been a Rockport in a raw leather finish which had been with me for a few years. But time for a change.

Recently I had been surfing the net to see what are the new innovation in wallets that is not only a step ahead of the rest but also are buyable by my standards. Online shopping threw up quite a few surprises in the form of wallets designed like air mail envelops or with a US dollar note look. I would have bought it almost when I received a press release from a brand called I Am Broke that has come up with it’s maiden range of leather Wallets, Card Holders, Clutches,Belts, Mini Tablet Sleeves – all in a variety of shapes and happy colours.

Spotting a blue one for about Rs 1300, my heart started thumping, and I immediately ordered it online and here it is now, occupying a pride of place everywhere except for where it is supposed to be in: The back pocket.

The craftsmanship of this wallet, the quality of the leather and the affordability of its price are just too good to believe. I should know given I experience products from big luxury brands like Ferragamo and Gucci on a regular basis in the course my work for my fashion magazine. They are good, but unreasonably priced.

Plus, ‘I am broke’ wallets are young, fun, sexy and playful. The blue in mine is very eye-pleasing, as I make it a point to clutch it in my hand to flaunt, rather than keeping it in my back pocket. It’s drawing the stares on the steps, office café, in the elevator, and on my table. It feels as good to hold this solid leather wallet as it is to hold my iPhone 6 Plus.

Well, it’s time for wallets to be out there in the open, trumpeting its new assertive identity. Gone are those days when it used to be an ass-licking servile follower on your behind. I Am Broke leads the way. So should we say, Bottoms up!



The wallet interiors are a combination of blue and beigh with the ‘I M Broke’ logo embossed. It neatly displays my India Today Press Card and my Harper’s Bazzar business card.

Price range: Men’s Wallet: Rs 1,300 in orange , light tan, blue; Women’s Clutch at Rs 999 in red, pink, green, blue; Women’s buckle-less Belt : MRP : 2000; Card Holder : MRP : 650 in Orange, Green, Blue, Tan; Tablet Sleeve (for all 7inch Tablets) : MRP : 2000 in Orange , Green., Blue, Tan. Availability: