Why this G Town microbrewery is drawing beer lovers by hordes

Ishan Grover-The Brewery Master

THE HAND THAT MAKES THE BEER: Ishan Grover, the Brewery Master


Beer, like food, is at its best when it is at its freshest. Me, not quite a beer drinker, but the idea of beer freshly crafted, beer that isn’t available anywhere, and one that doesn’t come in bottles and cans is enticing. Which is why when I heard about this latest microbrewery in Gurgaon, I nose-dived my way literally.

Driving all the way from South Delhi to Sohna road just for beer needs some amount of effort, but with a boisterous bunch in my car, I got the push forward.

This newest watering hole, located on the ground floor of JMD Megapolis, is called Lagom Kitchen + Brewery. Lagom? Now what the hell does that mean? Oh, it is, we are told, Swedish for ‘just the right amount of everything’. So it is. The ingredients that make the beer, the ambience, music, food – it is just the right amount of these all that make the Lagom experience work. I guess that’s what Sake Fables Hospitality group, that brings this pub to you, wants to convey.

But let’s talk about the liquid sunshine first. With large stainless steel tanks and machinery reassuringly standing next to your table, you, of course, know what you are in for. First comes the samplers: Three shot glass come filled with three types of Lagom beer: Simply Wheat, Fantastic Lager and Dark Knight. You nose them, swirl them around your mouth and make a difficult choice – all of them are good. But since wheat is associated with all things good (wheat biscuits, atta Maggi) vis a vis flour, I ordered for a wheat beer. I particularly liked it coz it reminded me of Lao Pani, the Assamese fermented rice beer/wine. It has a tangy taste and it is milky in colour. Should be very refreshing for summer.

Lagom Kitchen+Brewery

At Lagom, all ingredients from malts, hops, yeast are imported from Germany. The machinery is German too. You really can’t see the entire process of crafting the beer in a 3-4 hour long drinking-dining experience. After all, it takes 15 to 20 days to make the beer that’s served at your table – from milling/grinding to fermentation and maturation.  However, if you are lucky, you can watch award winning Brew Master Ishan Grover (specialised in brewing and distilling from Scotland) crafting magic. This little brewery can produce as many as 1,000 litres in a month.

But beer is not the only drink served. The usual suspects – from classic cocktails, sangria pitchers, domestic and foreign liquors, spirits, malts  – are all there too. But when you go to a microbrewery, you would rather have beer, right?

Lagom Kitchen+Brewery2

Just as you need the right glass to down a beer, so do you need the right ambiance to enjoy it. Lagom decor is inspired by streets of Scotland. It has a well marked dining area, a bar in one side. There is a small dining area for smokers too. Exposed sand stone walls offer a rooted-to-the-ground feel. Mercifully, the music – from the 70s, 80s and 90s – isn’t that loud. Sometimes live bands do a gig or two. Good conversation is certainly possible.

What about the food? It is apparent that Lagom doesn’t want to take chances. The menu mostly flaunts the bestsellers of various international cuisines – Vietnamese, Thai, Cantonese, Malay, Italian. Lamb conji wrap anyone? Dimsums? The list is long: Wok fried smoked chilli chicken, Vietnamese chilli fish, curry leaf prawns, crispy lotus steam, fried sriracha mushroom, malai brocoli, crispy spinach and oh, our very beloved paneer tikka. Those who can’t do without Italian, there are thin crust pizzas too!

Over all a hearty experience. With warmer weather around, Lagom may just be the answer to chill your body and warm your heart. Life is too short to drink bad beer.

Lagom Kitchen+Brewery3 (3)


Grin and beer it at LAGOM

Simply Wheat: Unique combination of fresh orange and German wheat gives this beer a unique citrus flavor. A truly refreshing beer with high notes of coriander for a smooth finish. Served with orange garnish.

Fantastic Lager: Light bodied lager with high notes of malt brewed according to the German purity law; its unique malt flavor will leave a long lasting flavour on the palate.

Dark Knight: As the name suggests, beer, dark in colour, mixed with special German chocolate malt, heavy bodied beer that leaves a hint of roasted malt.

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