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Black bow ties make way for colourful ones in polka dots, geometric prints, playful patterns for casual fun parties. But as a pen-pushing journalist, not used to wearing even neck-ties, would I be able to carry it? By Nishiraj A. Baruah.


16Stiches.com - yellow barking dog bowtie16Stiches.com - retro maroon silk bowtie

Are you a neck tie person or are you a bow kinda guy? As a journo, I rarely get to sport a tie, leave alone a bow, media offices being so informal. Not having to come suited-booted to office day in and day out is a perk, I agree with colleagues from marketing and ad sales. But sometimes I do feel like dressing up: A man in a nice well-fitted suit, tie in place, Cosmopolitan magazine says, looks irresistible to women. But then I think of the reactions at office: Whatever happened to him today! Would I be able to handle all the comments, curiosity, and eyeballs as I move about the office like a walking, talking object of exhibition?

16Stiches.com blue galaxy bowtie (1) 16Stiches.com - Casanova bowtie

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a small collection of ties and bows. My point is simple: If I have to sport a tie, I would rather sport something different. After all, everybody right from the Tata Sky sales engineer and door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman wears one. So how do I distinguish myself? That explains why a few ties in my collection have straight/square ends, and not the usual triangular ones with a pointy tip at the end. They are also not easily available, and my last one in black was bought in England after much shop-hopping. The few times I wore, it drew adnirung stares and nice comments.

I also like bows a lot. Hollywood Academy Awards and now increasingly Bollywood award nights are incomplete with men in bow ties. In fact, I have two, one bought abroad, and one gifted to me by my dear friend and makeup artist Ishika Taneja. But the one time I wore it for a friend’s house party, wifey said I was looking like a waiter. So there went my black bow-tie dream.

16Stiches.com - silver dust bowtieWhich is why when an online custom clothier for men, 16Stitches.com, launched a bow tie collection, all in lovely bright colours, recently I was quite excited. And the price is exciting too: Rs 1,000 a piece.

Not just that, the bow ties in this range boast of playful patterns, polka dots and geometric prints. “Bow ties are super versatile! They are not just for formal events or awards shows. It can be a fun accessory for a casual evening out too,” says Punit Chokhani, Founder & CEO. Great, but what’s the take of our resident curator of man’s style in my fashion magazine? “I like Ayushman Khurana wearing it, but Shah Rukh Khan wearing it! Please no! He is too old,” says this 20-something stylist. But just when I was letting out a I-am-too-old-to-sport-a-bow sigh, she sees the misery in my eyes, and adds a rejoinder: “But George Clooney looks yummy in bows!”

george-clooney-velvet-bow-tie16Stiches.com - Casanova bowtie

It actually depends on who is wearing it. As for me, these colourful bows are something I would definitely like to wear to a house party where everyone knows everyone. And maybe for a club night.

But of course, subject to wife’s scrutiny and approval. After all, she has saved me from several style disasters and that include one when I was about to step out for a Page 3 party in a fluorescent blue Kerala lungi. “This is so gay fashion. Can you carry it?” she said. The lungi has been promptly abandoned, and turned into a wrap-around skirt. Not for me, of course.


As for these colourful bows, I like them, want to have one in my wardrobe, but hoping wifey wouldn’t refer to certain  movies such as Mera Naam Joker.

– NishirajBaruah@Yahoo.com


Nishiraj A. Baruah

Former Executive Editor of Air India's in-flight magazine and Harper's Bazaar Bride. Lifestyle journalist, travel writer and blogger who collects knives and plays the drums.

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    Nishi – send us a pic of your with the bow tie on… Inspire me☺

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